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Restorative Dentistry Florham Park, NJ

When it comes to creating a healthy smile, sometimes a little help is needed along the way. With restorative dentistry options at A Healthy Smile Dentistry, we can help patients restore health back to their teeth as well as replace missing teeth. Our goal is to give you a smile that functions and looks great. Most patients begin their treatment at our dental office by completing a comprehensive dental exam. This is where we nail down just exactly is wrong with your tooth and how we will fix it using one of our restorative dentistry treatments. After your restorative dentistry treatment is complete, you will have a brand new smile to love! Explore our different options we have available.

Dental Bridges

Living with a missing tooth can make simple tasks like smiling, eating, or biting difficult to do. Whether you feel embarrassed or the action is just downright uncomfortable, living with a missing tooth is no way to live. Fortunately, dental bridges in Florham Park are a smart way to replace missing teeth. If you have one or two missing teeth, a dental bridge can seal the gap and prevent your adjacent teeth from moving into the empty gap. A dental bridge consists of two dental crowns that act as the anchors with a false tooth that acts as a bridge attached to the anchors. The dental crowns are placed on your existing teeth or attached to dental implants. Dental bridges are made in a dental lab out of porcelain to look like beautiful natural teeth. Once they return from the lab, our dentist will bond them to your teeth or dental implants permanently. From there, you will have a beautiful and functional smile once again!

Dental Implants

One concern with losing teeth is losing the stability that natural teeth provide. With dental implants, however, you can have your replacement teeth fixed in place to feel just like natural teeth. First, our dentist will need to verify that you’re a good candidate for dental implants. This includes a dental exam where we inspect the health of your teeth and gums and verify that you have sufficient bone mass in your jaw to hold the implant in place. If needed, we can complete a bone graft to make you a candidate. If approved, our dentist can surgically place dental implants which are titanium screws that act as false tooth roots. Once they are placed, your gums will need to heal while you wear a temporary restorative option.

Once your gums are healed, our dentist can permanently attach your implant-supported full dentures, partial dentures, crowns or even dental bridges. Dental implants secure your restorations in place, give you more confidence, and help you maintain bone mass in your jaw which can help you keep a youthful appearance and keep your other teeth healthy. See the possibilities with dental implants in Florham Park.

Dental Crowns

There are several different reasons out there a patient might need a dental crown. Some of the most common include broken, cracked, or damaged teeth as well as those that have large fillings or have just undergone a root canal. Dental crowns are porcelain caps that are placed over your natural tooth to rebuild the structure of your tooth without pulling the existing tooth. The porcelain cap protects your natural tooth from damage while also restoring the function and aesthetic back to your tooth. Dental crowns can also be used to replace missing teeth by being attached to a dental implant. In addition, dental crowns can act as a cosmetic treatment to improve the color and shape of teeth as a long-lasting solution. Our porcelain dental crowns are made in a dental lab and installed in our Florham Park dentist office. Visit us today to restore your tooth back to health.


Another option we offer at our dentist office in Florham Park to replace missing teeth is dentures. We offer full dentures, partial dentures and implant supported full and partial dentures. Whether you have a few missing teeth or an entire jaw, dentures are a cost-effective solution for restoring your smile and ability to chew properly. Today’s dentures are created with porcelain for a natural appearance and are made to fit every curve of your mouth for the perfect fit. You don’t need to worry about your dentures falling out at the wrong time. Discover if this restorative dentistry solution is the right one for you.

Valplast ®

Our last restorative dental procedure at A Healthy Smile Dentistry is Valplast flexible partial dentures. Valplast is an alternative solution to fixed dental bridges that provides more comfort than traditional partial dentures. You can expect the same level of comfort as a fixed dental bridge or dental implant at a fraction of the cost and with less dental appointments. This partial denture does not have metal clasps. Instead, it is made of a material that looks completely natural and is made with a lifetime warranty. Your smile won’t have exposed metal clasps or an obvious look of wearing partial dentures. Instead, your smile will look completely natural and most people don’t think that you’re wearing partial dentures in the first place. Experience a different type of partial denture with Valplast partial dentures.

Visit A Healthy Smile Dentistry to Restore Your Smile in Florham Park

If your smile needs a bit of work don’t worry, we don’t judge you. We’re here to help! Visit our Florham Park dentist to take advantage of our full range of restorative dentistry options here to enhance the health and aesthetics of your smile. Whether you’re missing a tooth, several, or have some teeth that need some attention, our dentist is happy to help. Give us a call at 973-377-2222 or fill out our online contact form to schedule an appointment or to ask us any questions you might have.

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