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Once upon a time, caries (cavities) had to be filled with amalgam. Originally lead, and then a mixture of silver and other metals, these metallic fillings did the job, but they stood out very well, making every single one highly visible within your mouth. Today, you have other options, including tooth-colored fillings in Florham Park with Dr. Yusun Gohard, an NJDA-recognized dentist. Not sure what benefits you gain with composite fillings from your dentist? Let’s take a closer look at the situation.

What You Need To Know: Composite Tooth Colored Fillings

Most of us will experience a cavity or two in our lives, despite brushing and flossing regularly and visiting the dentist for cleanings and polishing. It is simply the nature of the beast. However, you don’t necessarily have to suffer with highly-visible metal fillings any longer.

Tooth-colored fillings can provide some important benefits that make them a better choice for many people over traditional metal fillings. A full consultation with Dr. Gohard in our Florham Park office will help you understand whether you are a good fit for composite fillings, and what to expect.

Benefits of Composite Fillings Over Metal Fillings

Why would someone consider composite fillings over metal fillings? There are quite a few advantages here. One of the most obvious is the fact that these fillings are colored to match your tooth material. That means you do not need to worry that you will have a mouth full of highly-visible gray or silver fillings.

Let’s face it – conventional fillings stand out quite easily any time you smile or laugh, or just open your mouth to speak. It can be intimidating and can dramatically reduce your self-confidence. That can lead to you not smiling or laughing in public, which further damages your mental and emotional health. Composite fillings do not show up at all. In fact, most people will not even know you have fillings.

Of course, there are other benefits to tooth colored fillings. It is not just about less visibility. For instance, did you know that in some cases these fillings can last longer than traditional metal ones? They are also less likely to fall out.

Metal expands and contracts with heat and cold. This can lead to the filling slowly working its way out of your tooth, just through normal eating and drinking. Eventually, it comes free from the cavity and you have to visit Dr. Gohard to have that filling replaced.

With tooth-colored fillings, that doesn’t happen. Because these fillings are made from a composite material, rather than from metal, they are completely inert when it comes to temperature changes. That means they do not expand or contract, no matter how hot or cold your food or drink might be. Because they are inert, they don’t work free of the tooth, and will remain in place for much longer.

Who Benefits Most from Composite Fillings?

Pretty much anyone is a good fit for composite fillings, but there are some people who are better fits than others.

Front Teeth: For those with a cavity on their front teeth, or one that would be highly visible when speaking, laughing or otherwise interacting with other people, Dr. Gohard is likely to recommend a tooth-colored filling, rather than an amalgam filling, to essentially create an invisible fix.

Less Tooth Material Removed: Some tooth material must be removed in all situations requiring a filling. However, sometimes there is very little material that can be filled, such as a cavity very close to the edge of a tooth. A composite filling can be the best choice in these instances because less material must be removed with a tooth-colored filling than with a traditional amalgam filling.

With that being said, there are some patients that Dr. Gohard might recommend stick with a traditional metal filling. For instance, if you already have multiple fillings and are not concerned with visibility, she might recommend continuing with amalgam fillings.

She might also recommend an amalgam filling if the cavity is particularly large. Composite fillings are really only best suited for small and medium-sized cavities. So, if your cavity is large, you will most likely need a metal filling.

A full consultation with Dr. Gohard will help you understand your options, as well as the wide range of other services we offer our patients.

Are Composite Fillings Safe?

Yes, composite fillings are completely safe. They are made from the same material used for dental bonding, and have no adverse effects on your health. In fact, they might actually be safer than conventional metal fillings. With older metal fillings, there is sometimes the risk of exposure to lead. In addition, there is always the chance that the filling will work its way loose and fall out. Those problems are not present with composite fillings.

When to Replace Composite Fillings

Composite fillings will last at least five years. That is a little less than what you will get from metal fillings, which can last at least 10 years. However, Dr. Yusun Gohard feels that the benefits of these tooth-colored fillings can definitely outweigh the shorter lifespan. With that being said, she is happy to discuss your needs, goals and budget before deciding on any particular type of filling to ensure the best possible fit.

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